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By toman311
Hey all,

I'm working in Teamworks with another person. We're in ArchiCAD 23. There's a problem with his dimensions he made on the drawings and me being able to receive those new dimensions.

After I received his changes, the dimensions wouldn't show up on my drawings. We were clueless on what to do. One day I was moving a line that one of his dimensions were attached to and decided to move the line back or hit undo and all the dimensions that were missing on that Interior Elevation popped back up instantly, even if they weren't associated with the line that I was moving, at least so I think. This problem showed up in a few other Interior Elevation views and those ended up coming back except for one. We decided we would just re-dimension that one.

We checked the Layers, I turned the All On on our Layer Combinations settings, the Renovation Filter, and I even checked the Partial Structural Display; not that we ever use it. This is a 2D project too.

Has anyone experienced this or does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this if we, or anybody, comes across this problem again?
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By cmartonffy
Hello toman 311,

My team and I are having the same problem. The dimensions in question (that we know of) happen to be on detail views.
I stated a post as well - LaszloNagy - asked a couple of questions - but to date we don't have a solution.
Please keep us posted!

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By mnguyen
Hi All,

Let me cross-post the thread mentioned Claudio here: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=70044

Unfortunately, Teamwork is not my expertise, so I do not have an answer for this issue. But I hope that Noémi will be able to help you guys with this!

Thank you very much, and have a great day!

Best regards,