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Running AC24 and when I right-click the tab to quickly go to another story, I'm met with an unfinished label. Seems a little clean-up is in order. Image
View Tab Right Click.png
Hi Marc,

Thank you for sharing this issue!

Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce this on AC24 INT on Windows or AC24 GER on macOS. I'm wondering which language version are you using? Does this happen even with a brand new file, after spamming some dozens of stories into it?

Best regards,
Hi Minh,
Thank you for your prompt response. I am using the USA version on Catalina. I did not add any stories to the model. However, it is a large, older project with hotlinks, generated back in 2016 (AC20?) and migrated since then. Given its age, I opened a few other projects created in prior AC versions. I found the 'TabBar' display appears to occur in projects created prior to AC23. (The two projects I created in AC23 and one I created this morning in AC24 display the correct menu choices.)
Hi Marc,

I created a simple file in AC20 with 30+ stories. Upon opening the file in AC24 INT on Windows and AC24 GER on macOS, I still see the correct "Stories" label in the context menu. Unfortunately, I was not able to instal AC24 USA on macOS for testing.

I'm wondering if you could give a try with this file and let me know the result?

Thank you very much!

Best regards,
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