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Speed/Display issues/unfamiliar error messages, crashes/hangs or any other problems regarding Archicad (Example: I get an error message when the 3D Window is generated, please help!).
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I have noticed that the ArchiCAD 23 Recent projects list that you get when you first start archicad is no longer populating the most recent projects saved and closed in archicad it just seems to no longer add any new/recent projects to the top of the list anymore

Even though it is sorted by 'last used' and i have cleared off older projects where links have changed and the project is 'Not Available' still new projects are no longer populating, everytime i want to open a recent file i now have to browse for it which obviously takes longer than if the preview was sitting there ready to go, (defeats the purpose really)

another issue I have noticed is a have two projects with the same file name apart from at the end of the file name it says option 1 and then also option 2 both projects have a plan variation and a different photorender saved under the 'Project Preview and Architect Credits' the option 2 file was obviously a variation saved out from the first option (because why would you redraw a plan variation from scratch) but the preview which is shown in the option 2 project preview is still that of the original option one even though it has since been deleted and replaced with the option 2 render.

there seem to be a few bugs in this part of the application, has anyone else come across this?
Hi Jason,

Thank you for the question and I am very sorry about the issues!

About the Startup dialog does not show any recent opened files, it is a known issue to us. The update 2 for Archicad 23 should have been fixed this issue. The reason was there is a file called ACRecentList.lck in the Preferences/GRAPHISOFT folder. This blocked the writing of new opened projects to the startup dialog. Also, if you block the access to "Recent Documents (Symbol).prf" and "Recent Documents (Project).prf", this could also prevent AC from adding recent projects.

Regarding the previews in the dialog, I would say that, the previews only show "cache" memory of the project files, not the real content inside it. I believe that AC was unable to create proper preview images for option 2, therefore it still shows up similar to option 1. I suggest reopening option 2 file, play around with it for a bit, and save it. Hopefully it will refresh the cache previews.

Please let me know if it answers your questions. Thank you very much!

Best regards,
HI Jason,

There must be a misunderstanding here. 3003 1.1 is not an update, it is the default installer for the initial release of Archicad 23 in certain region. As I can see that you are in New Zealand, you can download the latest 5005 update for Archicad here:

Windows: ... 05-1.0.exe
macOS: ... 05-1.0.dmg

Please let me know if the problem persists afterward!

Best regards,
After installing this update you mentioned above and restarting the issue has corrected.

previously when ArchiCAD is asked to check for updates it only took me to the item i mentioned before
never made mention of the update you mentioned either so not sure what the issue is there.
archicad is generally pretty good at knowing when an update is available

is there a way to ensure notifications of available updates are available?

previously it would check each time on startup, but that never seems to happen for me lately.
methy wrote:
Wed Oct 21, 2020 1:57 am
previously it would check each time on startup, but that never seems to happen for me lately.

In the Work Environment there is an option to check for updates daily, weekly, monthly or never.