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I recently had my Archicad file crash, and I re-entered the file, with a banner showing up with recover the file, and I had clicked that, however, the previous work before it had crashed (work I had done days prior and saved multiple times), was not there in the recovery file, that I had clicked. I am struggling to find a way to get it back, even if there is one.

I would have expected the recovery file would be the same as the one I had before it crashing, and have saved multiple times, but it isn't, would be nice if anyone could offer any insight or help!
Normally you will find a .bpn file in the same directory as your .pln, which is the prior saved version of your .pln. You can open that file and save as a new .pln.
The recovery file should be the latest changes you made to the file - so long as you have not down graded the auto save options in the Work Environment.

It certainly shouldn't be days old.

If you have saved recently then there should be a BPN (backup) file in the same job directory as Marc mentioned.
Again, so long as you have not turned of the backup option in the Work Environment.