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By khairulfikri

We have reached the end of a stage in a project and I would like to do a bit of housekeeping with the model that's been worked on. My plan was to save the shared model first as an archive, then as a solo project on my desktop with the hope that I can clean out things (redundant options, sketch lines, etc.) that are no longer relevant then re-share the project as a new shared model ready for the next stage.

This went fine up to the point that I tried to re-share the project. Archicad now tells me that there are invalid objects found in the model. See the image.

Looking at the list/summary, it appears that this has resulted in a huge amount of work that was deleted by Archicad, presumably because they were "invalid" for some reason (that Archicad triumphantly declares it had fixed!).

How do things that worked fine as a shared model before suddenly become invalid and have to be deleted? How can I work around this and not lose all that information?


Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.13.35.png
By Stephen C.
I received the same message. Does anyone know what I am doing incorrectly or what I should do differently to prevent this?
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By nbalogh
Hi Stephen,

What kind of elements are deleted when you re-share the project? Can you also recognise any element what is missing then and is visible easily (e.g. stair, wall)?

It is possible maybe there were corrupted elements in your local cache what ARCHICAD tries to fix somehow. I can imagine many of these items are not even visible, due they don't have thickness or length.

Kind regards,