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By Moonlight
Hi there,

It's well known fact that path and file name on Windows OS must not exceed 260 characters just as mentioned in this

But when I have applied this method to extend Windows limit (as mentioned in ... haracters/), ArchiCAD was still unable to load the the desired library.

Do you have a method (other than the one mentioned in the Help Center) to overcome this limitation in ArchiCAD ??
By atfonit
Hi Moonlight :

I have the same issue . just wrote to you on my live thread of yesterday.
I am on Windows 7 - same problem. ?? Dont understand the issue - i even tried saving the folder to be added on my desktop so with a very short path....still didn't work.

Tried the library file in lots on different locations to avoid long paths - no luck. weird and very annoying...

Any help appreciated..
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By Barry Kelly
The actual path to the library itself may be short, but what is the length of the paths inside the library like?
Maybe they are to long?

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By Moonlight
@Barry Kelly
doesn't reach the 210 characters mark including extension.
May be a little bit more for NAS that have been imaged as a drive.

But If I found the way to make Windows superpass the 260 character path safely, why ArchiCAD can't accept this !!??
Windows 10 might be able to deal with more than 260 characters in a file path but most version of windows server cannot.