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I recently upgraded from AC18 to 22. When I did, the custom mouse configurations which I set up in System Preferences also migrated. So far, so good.

When I went back to work on a project in AC 18, the custom mouse configurations were gone. I tried to add a new set of configurations for 18, but it defaults to 22 only. In previous upgrades, the configurations stayed with the multiple versions of AC, so that I was equally productive in multiple versions. After more than 15 years, i don't want to retrain my hand.
Did you create a new folder for the 22 profile or did you assign your 18 profile to 22? That may have overwritten the original 18 work environment, which then probably no longer works in 18.

You should be able to import your keybindings to 22, without overwriting the original set from 18.
The custom mouse configuration just started working again. Maybe the asking of the question caused the system to recognize the custom configuration. :shock: