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By AndreasB
I am currently trying to export a model from ArchiCAD, using the .3ds and .fbx formats.

Usually I use .3ds, because it works well using the correct settings. (1000mm, split by surfaces)

In the past, I have been experiencing geometry problems if the model is situated far from the project origin - I could fix this in 3ds max by grouping the whole model and sending it to zero point. I think this is because Max can't properly calculate vertex positions in relation to each other if they are too far from the zero point.

This time, using the .3ds format, the model comes into 3Ds Max right next to the zero point and is the correct size, but I am still getting extreme geometry problems. It looks like this, similar to flickering when two surfaces are on top of each other, only going through the whole model;


This isn't just a display problem either; using viewport clipping in 3ds max solves the flickering, but reveals that the geometry itself is almost completely destroyed;


The .fbx format won't export from ArchiCAD at all unless I only export part of the model - when it does work, it produces a similar problem as .3ds.

Any idea what could be the issue here?
Your images are not displaying for me on the forum but their links work. Is this only happening with furniture? Is the furniture native to AC or imported from some other format?

You mentioned far from origin, this will cause the problems you experienced in Archicad and also other BIM software, you should locate your project as close to the project origin as practical

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By AndreasB
Thanks for the replies!

Ling, I'm not sure if the furniture was imported to ArchiCAD, but the problem is not limited to the furniture.

Scott, I'm aware of this issue, but the project is actually right next to the project origin in ArchiCAD.

Tried importing into Skethup, same problem: ... 1766892839

Sorry, don't know why the pictures aren't showing up.
By AndreasB
Sorry, it's just an image showing the same issue happening in Sketchup.


Starting to wonder if the problem might be a camera or lights being imported really far from the model. Trying to find out how I can avoid those being exported from ArchiCAD.
You are not having much luck attaching your images.

The instructions can be found here ...


By AndreasB
Thank you. I'm hopeless, can't seem to edit my posts either.

In any case, here are the images. The first two are from 3ds Max, while the third shows the same problem in Sketchup. The geometry "floats" around while navigating the model.

Seems like the problem is that the model somehow won't stay at the project origin after saving - we have contacted Graphisoft support to solve the issue.
By mbl
I've had similar problems with large/complex models, which I assume your project is, especially with all the furniture.

Such models with office furniture can easily contain milions of polygons which in my case tend to mess up the .3ds output, even when the whole building is right at the project origin.

I checked one of my recent projects and it has 4,7 mil. polygons - out of which is 4,5 mil. standard archicad furniture... And that's one of the simpler projects.

So far I haven't figured out if I'm doing something wrong with my .3ds export like you, but in the meantime I export to ".obj" format which gives much better results when importing to 3ds max.