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Pretty much as the subject describes - when I use the curtain wall tool, after placing the curtain wall, the cursor does not automatically become the little sunshine icon so that I can set which side of the wall is the exterior. I've tried in multiple files and it seems to be a consistent issue.

Anyone have any ideas?
In 22 the placement method has changed so it is more like a wall or railing where you see the reference line and the curtain wall position as you place it.
If the curtain wall is not on the correct side of the reference line you have a 'Flip' option.


You also have panel offset options so you can choose the offset of the curtain wall away from the reference line.
Depending on the construction of your curtain wall will determine if you offset from the center of the panel or the face of the frames.
Either way you will see a preview of the wall as you place it.

If it is an older tutorial (not done for 22) then you will find the curtain wall quite different as it was changed in 22.
You can see some Youtube movies for the 22 curtain wall here. ... iNh7_2DDyf