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I've been having a problem lately with a specific project file that didn't happen in any other files until today.

I created a viewport of a floor, put it on a layout, copy this layout, and link the view port to another floor. This new viewport does not match the framing of the other. What more is that whenever I update a view port (to change activated layer or anything else), as soon as I go back to my layout, the framing changes.

I asked around in the office, looked what could be the reason for these problems in these specific project files, try to understand why it doesn't happen in other project files, but I have no idea.

Could anyone offer some help?

Thomas Rusling

There are 2 common things I know that causes such a thing:
  • The project (or some elements of the project) is far from the project origin
  • The view of the floor plan is rotated (by the orientation view setting)
Please see if either applies to your project. If not, then you can send me the project in a PLA format in a Private Message, and I can take a look at what the issue might be.