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By xacto
Hello all, I am getting a warning message every time I open ArchiCAD on the iMac asking me to deny or allow a connection, I have added ArchiCAD and the license manager to the firewall and still get the warning.
Any help is appreciated.
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By Stress Co.
This Message?
It disappeared (for me) when I switched to Mojave.
I see that's what you're running.
Maybe check your incoming connections, as per my screen shot
in that thread.

Scratch that.
I just checked my settings and realized, the only reason I
didn't get the popup was that I had my Firewall turned off.
With it on... I get the popup again. :evil:
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By xacto
- Quoted from another post. (Any way to stop this pop up?) By KatalinBorszeki GRAPHISOFT - Wed Jul 08, 2015 1:06 am
Hi all,
We know about this problem, but unfortunately there is a limitation with the digital signature of ARCHICAD and the Mac Firewall at the moment. As soon as it is possible, we will fix the issue!! - end quote.

The question now is, do we allow it to run, or do we keep denying it?

Thank you
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By Stress Co.
I always click allow.
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By dkovacs

This message comes up because not all components of ARCHICAD 22 are codesigned, so the Firewall needs to verify that you allow it to accept incoming connections each time. We have been working on making ARCHICAD codesigned for a while, and in ARCHICAD 23 it should finally be done (fix #170297).

If we did it right, the macOS Firewall should only ask you to allow connections once for ARCHICAD 23 (at first startup), and then remember your choice next time. Let us know if your experience differs.