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As I was browsing a .pln saved as from a .pla created somewhere else on a Mac OS 10.14 Mojave I got a pop-up 'Archicad 22 would like to access your photos'. I declined in panic and forgot to screenshot, but I am fairly sure that was the wording.

What is that?
I did not modify the file, which came from elsewhere, other than saving from bimserver to pla to pln.

The wording I remember is 'your photos', not such and such folder, and not 'your Photos [the application, that is] folder' (I might be wrong, but I am convinced).

On Drawing Manager there are a lot of images and PDFs with paths to Desktop and Downloads folders from several local users, but of course I am not any of those local users.
It seems to be a "bug" between Mojave & AC22. I get it randomly typically after a cold boot and I assume there is no need for the photo access so I just select the decline option. When AC22 was first released I think it even asked to access the microphone. I doubt it is malicious.
I've had it ask for access to my contacts as well.
I'm on Mojave too.

As you said, there is a known compatibility issue between macOS 10.14 and ARCHICAD, that was fixed in AC22 40xx (and AC21 70xx):

I think this must be caused by the same thing. If you install the latest update, you should not receive this prompt anymore.