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Hello, my PLN file has been deleted by windows10 after an update.
However, I managed to recover the files after a long search, through the recoverit program.

Now I have my PLN and PLA file that make 40MB each but none of them can be open. Archicad says he can't open the plan.

Could you please help me because I really need to recover this file. I tried to fix the file with archicad but it doesn't work.
I am ready to send you my file if necessary. I really need help because this job took a lot of time.
If you tried to open the file with the "Open and Repair File" option in the Open Dialog, and it still did not open, then I don't think any user here could help you recover the contents of that file.
Did you not have backup files of the project (*.BPN)? By default ARCHICAD creates backup copies of the files you work on, they should be right next to the PLN file.
Hello LaszloNagy.
Yes I try to open and repair file but it doesn't work. :-(

The only file I can recover is the .pln and .pla. I didn't find any .bpn :-(

I have only the BimX file (with pdf view and 3D) that I send me for looking on an iPad. Do you think I can transfer my BimX file into an pln? I'm so sad because it s a lot of work.
You should be able to open the .bpn file from the file open dialogue but I don’t hold out much hope as recovered files rarely work.

I hate to say this but you really need to regularly backup your files to external / off site media. Your backup frequency should be determined by how much work you are prepared to lose.

sboydturner wrote:
Tue Sep 10, 2019 9:41 am
... but I don’t hold out much hope as recovered files rarely work.
It has been a long time since I have tried to recover a deleted file but I had no success with Archicad file then either.

Windows updates should not be deleting any files, if they do then something is very wrong.

Have you looked in the recycle bin just in case they have been accidentally deleted normally?

Thank you for your answers.

I stored my file on AUGUST 13 on the C: / users / fred / desktop. (under a user account "fred").
I went on vacation and when I started the computer on SEPTEMBER 7, the session "fred" no longer existed!!!
It remind only the user "fred0000", which was another username (I never understood why I had 2 users) on the C drive.

My C drive is 200Go + 500 Go on D drive. On August 13, the C drive was full like 187Go/200. Since September 7, my drive is 140Go/200. I really don't understand why my user profile has been deleted without any warning or information by microsoft.

I try to recover the file by many different software (disk drill, recuva, recoverit, pc inspector file recovery, undeletmyfilepro). Only 2 software find the .pln and .bpn file. But it seem to be unable to open it.

I'm really sad because I saved the file many time with other filename ( it has perhaps 10 versions of backup). I did this because I was thinking a problem about Archicad, but I didn't imagine that the problem can be provide from my computer. The big mystery is that my computer has no crash or other anomaly. Microsoft has just delete by himself the count... I really don't understand. Everything works well.

This file has more than 400 hours of works. The only document that I can open is the BimX project file. I wrote to graphisoft but they told me that it's not possible to transform the BimX into pln. Isn't it possible to take a minimal information from bimX file?

Also, do you think that if I'm give my pc to a professional recovery, they can work it out (better than internet software I used? ).

I really hope that you can help me because I lost so many hours of work and I'm not able to draw the entire project again.

Thank You
I am not an IT expert but normally user accounts don't just delete themselves.

I have no idea if this will work so do so at your own risk.
Can you restore your system back to August 13 (or just before)?
This may restore the deleted user account - as I say I really don't know.

Or can you log in as Administrator.
Maybe then you will see all other user accounts.

Or take it to a professional and explain you user account has been deleted.
Is there a way to recover the data that was in the account?
I am sure this will cost $$ though.

As I mentioned before, I have had no luck with recovery programs when trying to recover a deleted Archicad file.
They just don't seem to stitch back together properly.
And no, you can't use a BIMx file to get your PLN back.