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By papsphilip
This is an emergency, our HDD is full and i can see the cache folder is 95GB. Can i just delete the whole folder?

C:\Users\[your username]\Appdata\Local\Graphisoft\ArchiCAD-64 Cache Folder

or is there a specific way?
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By Lingwisyer
The Central Innovation website says that you can just delete it normally.
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By Barry Kelly
I am pretty sure Archicad will just re-create what is needed in there.
Also check your C:\Users\[your username]\Appdata\Local\Temp folder and also the C:\Windows\Temp folder.
I often delete anything in there that is older than a couple of months.
And don't forget to empty your recycle bin after all the deleting.

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By Lingwisyer
I occasionally use a program called "Space Sniffer" which will visually sort all the files on your computer that it has access to according to size. Useful for analysing your storage utilisation.