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By papsphilip
I opened a dwg site drawing and everything is positioned in xy according to their real coordinates. so its pretty far from the origin.

When i import it in archicad and i zoom in, several artifacts appear, lines get all broken.
Also if i draw a wall or any archicad object on top of my dwg, if i try to select them after you can see what happens in the attached image. Also if i render, it appears to be broken.

this has happened before and i still dont know how to fix it. Any ideas?
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By Eli Chiasson
The behaviour you are seeing for objects far from the origin is normal.

I understand that all objects should be within 1,000 metres. from the origin, and absolutely nothing further than 10,000 metres.

You need to fix this by defining real world coordinates in your Project Origin. Usually I get a known point from the site survey drawing and place that in the ARCHICAD model at or near the Project Origin, and locate the building relatively accordingly.

See this Help Centre article:

And this post from ASIABIM explains it well too I think: ... rdination/

Now when you place your survey with real world coordinates you simply align the two known real world points.
By papsphilip
thanks for replying!.
So i have a known survey point in my dwg.
i choose this to be my origin point in Archicad, correct? so i paste my dwg in Archicad and drag it from that survey point to the origin point.
and the project location coordinates in Archicad must match that survey point.
Did i get this right?
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By Eli Chiasson
I believe so, from your description.

The only thing you need to make sure is that your ARCHICAD model elements are close to the Project Origin (which by your description is also your known survey point).
By papsphilip
i did all that, but something is wrong. The precision problem i had went away, so that's great. but my coordinates are not fixed yet.

first of all my dwg coordinates were egsa87 coordinate system so i had to convert them to lat long (wgs84). ... gsa87.html

then i used the coordinate object 19 , these are my settings, but you see the result is not correct.
The lat long of the origin point (survey point) should match the project coordinates.

Am i missing something obvious?
the converted coordinates
latlong.JPG (11.33 KiB) Viewed 798 times
my original coordinates
my coordinate object settings
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By Eli Chiasson
Without seeing your DWG and PLN, I don't know.

When I open a new project in AC19, set the Project Location to the coordinates you show, then place the Coordinate Dimensions object at the Project Origin it works.

Are you definitely placing the Coordinate Dimension object and the survey point in the DWG at the Project Origin? (
By papsphilip
You were right, there was something wrong with the origin, now its fixed, coordinates show up correct but the precision issue came back.
Here is the file, please tell me you see the problem as well, i hope its not a software issue.

This problem makes it impossible to work, textures show up messed up, hotspots are all over the place and when rendered the objects appear to be missing pieces.