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By Braza
Barry Kelly wrote:You have a VIEW POINT in the PROJECT MAP - i.e. plan, section, elevation, etc.
You then save VIEWS of these VIEW POINTS in the VIEW MAP.
These VIEWS have settings for layer combination, scale, pen set, graphic override, renovation filter, etc.
These settings are saved when you create the VIEW but can be changed any time afterwards by changing them in the VIEW SETTINGS or by changing the actual layer combination, graphic override, reno filter, etc.

You now place these VIEWS on the layout pages as DRAWINGS.
When you OPEN SOURCE VIEW of the DRAWINGS you will see the VIEW with the settings that it has been saved with. It should appear exactly as it does in the layout.
This will be the same if you open the VIEW from the VIEW MAP - it will open with all of the settings it was saved with.

If you open a VIEW POINT in the PROJECT MAP, you manually control all of the settings for what you want to see, so it may appear different to the actual VIEW (DRAWING) you are using in the layouts.
Barry has well guided you.
For further information you can always go to

As a side note: Its good to have (here on the forum), a profile signature with your machine specs, operational system and Archicad version, to help people here better help you in the future.

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By LaszloNagy
Gilberto Oliveira wrote:
Thu Jan 23, 2020 2:04 pm
Ohhhh thats it.. i never used the VIEW MAP before, allways drag the view form the project

FYI: As Barry explained, only a View can be placed on a Layout.
The items found in the Project Map are called Viewpoints.
So actually, when you drag a Viewpoint from the Project Map onto a Layout, ARCHICAD will first generate a View using the View settings current active in that Viewpoint and will place that View on the Layout. If you switch to the View Map you will see these automatically generated and named Views.