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Speed/Display issues/unfamiliar error messages, crashes/hangs or any other problems regarding Archicad (Example: I get an error message when the 3D Window is generated, please help!).
Note: If your problem seems to be an Archicad error please always report it to your local reseller!

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Our team updated to 4006 yesterday and now we are experiencing much longer application startup times, on the order of several minutes before the Startup Dialog appears.
Once the dialog appears, we get the "spinning beachball" for another several minutes.
This happens both with Mojave and Catalina installs.
It can take up to 30 minutes just to open a project.

We are all remotely working off a BIMcloud Basic install at our office, which has a good internet connection.

There did not seem to be an issue prior to installing 4006.

In addition, some users are reporting much more frequent crashes.
Hi Stuart, and everyone who is interested in this issue!

I was informed by our colleagues that this issue might relate to preferences. Performing a Preferences Cleaning might help. The local partner mentioned that after reinstalling ARCHICAD, the issue went away, so this could be another solution to the slowness issue!

Thank you very much for reporting the issue to us!
Have a nice day!

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