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By Roopa A

I created a object in profile manager in beam, and I need to cover the side faces, I used beam or the wall.
and I am trying to cut the extra portion using the solid element operation. Its not trimming.'

What is the reason??
Please help me in this.

Thank you,

Roopa A
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By Barry Kelly
Beams and walls will automatically trim each other based on the strengths of their Building Materials.
It is called Priority Based Connections (PBC).
So one element will already be trimming the other (you can usually see this when you select them in 3D and look at the selection outline).
The part of the element that is automatically cut away can not act on any other elements in an SEO, because it doesn't exist any more.

To stop this from happening place them in different layers and make sure the layers have different Intersection Priority numbers (you need to make sure the layer combinations are updated as well).
Or you can place them in just one layer and set the IP number to 0 (zero).
But be aware that this will affect the connection of all elements in theses layers.

By Roopa A
See the I have attached.

The main model is with Profile manager, and I need to cover the sides and I have used the wall .

And try to use the solid element operation, but it is not trimming.

Thank you,

Roopa A
Beam - is profile and wall.png
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By Barry Kelly
It looks like the wall is already cutting the beam (PBC) - therefore there is no beam to perform an SEO on the wall.
The beam would need to be stronger than the wall - or play around with layer Intersection Priority numbers.
But even then I think you will have trouble with the upwards/downward extrusion.
You might need 2 or more walls stacked on top of each other.

Why not just make another complex profile to match the outer shape of the main profile(s).
Then place a very short beam/wall at each side.