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Last Windows 10 update, KB5000802, is causing problems of blue screens for many people while printing in network printers. In our case, the update also makes Archicad crash after the start screen. No matter what you select (existing project, new, etc), we get a blue screen and the computer has to be restarted. We suppose it has something to do with accessing network licences. Uninstalling the update solves the issue for now.

Just in case someone is having the same problem.

Thank you very much for your report and I am very sorry about the experience!

We are aware of this Blue Screen of Death crash created by the most recent Windows 10 Cumulative Update (March 2021). This update appears to be causing the BSOD to some users with specific installed printer drivers. Because of this, Archicad may also trigger the Blue Screen of Death when checking the list of available printers.

As a workaround, we recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the printer's driver until Microsoft fixes the issue in another hotfix. If that doesn't work, uninstalling the KB5000802 update will solve this specific problem, although keep in mind that this update includes several important security fixes.

Thank you once again for your notification!
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I am very sorry to hear that! As of now, the issue with update KB5000802 has been fixed by MIcrosoft in the patch KB5001567 and KB5001649. Please install these 2 updates to prevent the crashes from happening!

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