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I have a railing that follows a curved baseline.
It renders fine when it's vertical but if slanting is different from 90 degrees, some panels disappear.
I assume this is due to limited capabilities of algorithm that shapes the panels, yet it really should be improved because now it's impossible to generate a slanted railing with arched baseline.

slanted railing issue.png
slanted railing issue.png (75.55 KiB) Viewed 177 times

Here's the model: ... sp=sharing
The default panel might just be an extrusion along the bottom edge. If so, slanting it would make the top edge intersect itself which creates an invalid polygon, hence it does not generate. As an option, you might be able to insert custom panels into those locations.

Runxel, while I don't say it's quite standard example of railing... there are crazier things being built.
Take the architecture of Zaha Hadid as an example :)

Lingwisyer, thanks for the suggestion :)
Dear All,

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts on this matter!

As I can see, it's a limitation to the Railing tool since its release. I have entered it as a request in our database (please refer to it as DEF-4583). Hopefully, our developers will be able to correct it soon!

I am very sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you very much for your understanding!

Best regards,