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By mnguyen
Braza wrote:
Thu Jul 23, 2020 6:27 pm
Hi Laszlo,
I am also exploring Param-o. It is way more impressive than I thought. :D
I can see lots of potential. Specially for creating small GDL objects for CW and Railings.
But I think it lacks of some more practical tutorials or a more detailed documentation.
I would also like to know if there is any function that allows us to create custom user inputs on Floorplan or 3d. Like a path defined with a series of points. Or perhaps some source of Hotspots :?:
Thanks in advance.

Thank you for the question! As far as I know, we will have Param-O training on the new GRAPHISOFT Learn website in the near future!

Regarding the wish to create custom user inputs on Floorplan or 3D, it would be great if we can implement it in the final version of Param-O! I entered it as a wish into our database (please refer to it as #12816)!

Thank you once again for your enthusiasm with Archicad 24. Have a great day!
Best regards,
By juninholiveira
Since we're suggesting new features, let me suggest some minor changes that would be great!

1 - Highlight the connection lines once we hover the mouse over them.
2 - Ability to disconnect node by just dragging the connection line out of the node.
3 - Change the output names of the nodes (currently it's all "Variable") to the type of it's output (like "Number", "Point", "Boolean", and so on)

These are minor change that would benefit a lot the workflow with Param-O
By Braza
Thanks Minh! Much appreciated.


Yes! All good improvements.

I'd also add (In the middle future, as for now this is not essential) a graphical User Interface window. Where we could drag and drop parameters and it would automatically would create buttons, Text Blocks, checkboxes, sliders, etc that could be visible in the Object UI. It would be especially handy for Manufacturers to introduce commercial info for their products.
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By mnguyen
Hi All,

Thank you for your suggestion!

I have entered them into our database as Wish #12824. PARAM-O is still in its early phases, but we hope that it will become something handy for your architectural works in the future!

Have a great weekend!

Best regards,