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By Nuge
I have been playing around with the Archiframe demo and like very much what i see, But the pricing seems just way too much.

I am interested in seeing who may have considered using/purchasing archiframe but the cost has changed your mind, and if a subscription model was adopted with no large initial cost would you be interested?

And any other thoughts you might have around archiframe
By SenecaDesignLLC
I just wrote my own wall framing based on the accessory library so I didn't have to pay lol.
Same with wall cladding and cadimage.
By Brett Brown
SenecaDesign, you use to give away some of your objects years ago, what about now with all these objects you have apparently made recently. I'm sure most of us would be happy to pay a one-time fee to get out of the subscription merry-go-round?
By Nuge

Would you consider sharing/selling your wall frame add on, there is definitely a market for an affordable option
By SenecaDesignLLC
As soon as I get a few bugs sorted I'll put all my stuff back up for free.
By SenecaDesignLLC
what are the main features you want from for wall framing. i code for me and i plan to use the object for takeoffs, but some might like the concept of this vs that.
basically im keeping it as basic as i can. there wont be a ton of bells and whistles and probably much less automation.