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By LaszloNagy
I think that at the moment Param-O can create only elements that can be opened with the Object tool. So, it is not possible to create GDL-based elements that can be used by the Door/Window tool or MEP tools, etc.
By A. Smith
vdentello wrote: Fri Feb 19, 2021 5:45 pm I would add the Option to make custom Bends selectable and also their angles.
As long as they meet the GDL standard parameter criteria, of course.
Do settings angles for bend have any effect? or am I missing something?
By A. Smith
Insulation problems in 2 words
a). connection of two elements with different insulation looks bad;
b) inline elements do not have it

Please, add for all transition elements possibility to have different insulation (same as we can set different diameters). Because bigger diameters tend to have bigger insulation. And when you make Tee small pipe to the main pipe... well that looks not attractive (ofc is insulation is set to different values)
or you could simply add some kind of feature to building pipes/ducts - if connected pieces have different insulation values - add a ring to cover free space between insulations.

Plus it's better to add insulation for all elements - including inline. Because you put valve to isolation pipe - it simply cuts it. When some inline element is with isolation you could:
1. If insulation is bigger enough to cover the whole element - it will look the same as a pipe.
2. If it is some kind of valve - add height to its handle, so the handle will be above the insulation.
3. I understand it's hard to decide what to do with other elements, like filters, [censored] valves, and so on.
n. Lazy decision - at least, continue that insulation on the same level as it was for pipe

and would be nice to have a summary table that will show the amount of insulation Ø, thickness, length

I can't say it's a "must-have", but if you want MEP to be better looking, precise, ..... all in all, it will put this tool on a higher level.

P.S. I haven't tried it for rectangular ducts, but I assume it has the same problem

Edit: I already had mentioned problems with inline elements insulation, but thought it'd be better to say all issues connected to it at the same place
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