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By Jay Garbarino
As Stated on web site here

"The Simpson AutoCad Menu allows you to insert Ortho views directly into your AutoCad drawing."

Is this something we can doe with Archicad through editing the Work Environment?
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By Jay Garbarino
I do not know exactly what it is that I want....

It would be nice to have an Simpson Database of fasteners available from within Archicad using the File Menu.

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By Chazz
It is a bit of a mystery why no one has made a decent set of GDL objects for the Simpson strong-tie line. One guess is that it would be a maintenance headache as their products change every quarter. And, they have a LOT of products. Still, as pointed out elsewhere the 2d DWG's of Simpson's connectors are easily obtained and can be turned into objects with no GDL scripting pretty easily....
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By Jay Garbarino
Double Post... Sorry
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By Jay Garbarino
Yes Chazz, I used you recommendation to create the CCQ66 & HCA5-5.
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