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Do you think a vehicle turning radius add-on would be helpful?

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I am trying to get a software developer to develop an ArchiCAD add-on that helps design roadways and parking lots using vehicle specifications.

The developer is Transoft Solutions.
The product is AutoTURN. ... erview.asp

They currently have plug-ins for AutoCAD and Microstation. When I inquired about an interest to develop an ArchiCAD add-on they replied that I was the first/only person to request it. I though if enough ArchiCAD users requested or inquired about their product they might be interested in developing an add-on.

I've seen AutoTURN in action, it definitely is a great design tool. BTW - many municipalities are requesting, if not requiring, the designer to submit AutoTURN (or similar) output to verify emergency vehicle access within large developments.

Do you model your site? I'm asking because I am switching our entire office over from AutoCAD to ArchiCAD - Architectural, Town Planning, Landscape, Civil, Construction/Estimation. And I am trying to find a 3D civil/site solution that works in ArchiCAD. I am not having any luck.
Sites that we do in any detail (like more than 2 feet from the building) are usually 3D with lots of SEOs to make the roads, sidewalks, etc.

I would LOVE to see a 3D object for parking that could follow a mesh without all kinds of gymnastics.
We've checked their demo. I believe that AutoPark and AutoTurn are great!
I 've found myself many times having second thoughts whether a truck (or any other vehicle) could complete a manoeuvre inside a parking with all those columns....
That is exactly what AutoTurn does, it allows you to confirm it.
It is a design tool, not a visualization tool.

For any parking - read multistorey building or a mall - design, as well as the design of industrial/logistics/service facilities where large trucks and/or buses have to turn, tools like this are essential!

I have been scraping by with the AutoCAD blocks that date ages back, but would LOVE a proper solution ...
Sounds like the majority are in favor...

If we can get enough ArchiCAD users to inquire about these tools to the developer, they may be interested in creating an Add-On solution for ArchiCAD.

If you haven't done so already, go to the TranSoft Solutions web site and send them an inquiry. ... equest.asp (English link)

or e-mail to: