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By johncassel
We are looking forward to experimenting with ArchiTerra's filtering capabilities.
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By Fabrizio Diodati

BTW, we are always interested on good examples in order to show ArchiTerra capabilities so, if you want (and you can) privately send me the survey data you are going to elaborate I'd like to use them in order to create some terrain examples...

Thank you very much
By csparchitects
Just trying to get to grips with Architerra. A couple of questions:
1: Having created the mesh just from points (dxf file imported) I'm trying to adjust the mesh to correctly show retaining walls etc by drawing constraints from point to point (hotspots). When I recalculate the mesh the triangles still pass through the constraint line. I thought the constraint should stop this (or am I missing something?)
2: Can constraints be edited by adding nodes? It seems to give strange results when I try it.

If anyone knows of any Architerra tutorials that may help ( I already know about the Cigraph Website guidance)

Any ideas?

Wavydavy @ CSP Architects
By Pablo
Haven't tried what you are doing.. yet. But I am working on a residence and am very pleased with ArchiTerra's Road Tool. I have used it to do an entry drive and garage pad on a sloping site that has code restrictions on the maximum slope (20% in our case). ArchiTerra's road profiler was very useful in helping us establish the exact elevation of the house! Boring stuff for most people but rather tedious to map otherwise.

A feature I hope for in the future (if Fabrizo is reading this) is sidewalks! We have road tools, foundations, basins and plateaux.. sidewalks?? I am using the road tool to "layout" a 4' wide walk :)), but I don't know how to make a curb and gutter, probably will be a short wall (6" high).. anyhow, I like ArchiTerra and I am looking forward to using ArchiForma a little later.

By Donald Mac Donald
Using the latest architerra point tool i can place my points and then create the land but then when i ewant to see the point elevation display when i click on the open eye i get no display. also, for the third time now when i close the window i loose all the points i made. also when i try and add points they do not work.

it shouldn't be that when you select close eye again you loose all your points. it just should not be that way!!!!!

I trust there is away to see how hight the points are so you can edit?
3 hours wasted here. fruistrated and discusted.

mac g5, archicad 8.1.0 v2, architerra 2.01

donald mac donald
By Vitruvius
Dear Fabrizio,

I'm using ArchiTerra 1.81 and am attempting to build a plateau using the following methodology:

1. Build the terrain
2. Put Fill Pattern on the terrain for the plateau.
3. Highlight both with "Suspend Groups" and then select the ArchiTerra "Build Plateau" command.

And nothing happens. In fact, the "Digging/Embankment" window doesn't even appear.

I am mystified - any suggestions?

Thank you, Cameron
By Pablo
Try selecting the Fill and the 3D mesh (which was created when you entered in the contours). That is how I have used it in 2.01.

By Vitruvius

I do exactly what you've suggested. The odd thing is that it works in some projects and not others.

I have noted that the more complex the mesh the less likely the "build plateau" tool will work. I do have work arounds - I basically just chop through the mesh and drop in a slab. I don't do much terrain modelling so sticking with AT 1.8 has been OK - it would have just been a little easier if I could get the plateau tool to work.

Regards, Cameron