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By Jacek
I am trying to create a site plan with ArchiTerra 2.0 newly released, and am runnning into problems with the way the tools are working as described in the manual versus the way they work for me, or don't work would be more apt to say.
Has anyone had any experience with this API?
Tried the website and there are no links to tips/FAQ's or updates.
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By Dwight
Thay have always had weak documentation. Can you be more specific?
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By Jacek
Thanks Dwight for your interest,
Here are the issues:
Do I need to have closed polylines (as contours) to be able to convert them w/ the Contour Line Tool? The manual does not mention it, I tried open and after tracing 260' of elevation line -every 10', I found out that I cant get them to do anything. The Help tool suggests that I am doing the wrong tool/selecting the wrong elements, but it seems that I am doing exactly what I was suppose to.

I created a 'dummy' site, simple, and tried to draw a road, drew a couple of polylines selected them, selected the site, klicked on the Road Tool and: Attention -The chosen tool can't be applied to the task...
Drives me crazy!

I tried different tools, selected different objects, mixed and matched, and got the same results.
What am I doing wrong?
Site picture, imported DXF and selected, grouped assigned elev. (10' increment) and .....nada!
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By Jacek
grouping, using different tools, overlaying fills and grouping.
Tried everything hat I could think of!
It took me a quarter of the time to draw the site in ArchiCAD using the Mesh tool,
-But no roads.
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By Djordje
Jacek wrote:Drives me crazy!
I just alerted Cigraph, so let's hope that an answer will be quick in coming!
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By Jacek
Thanks Djordje,
I have also sent a post to Maurizio earlier.
I must be doing something wrong!
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By Djordje
Jacek wrote:Thanks Djordje,
I have also sent a post to Maurizio earlier.
You of course mean Fabrizio :)
I must be doing something wrong!
More often than not, IMHE, it is our mistake ... sadly so :)

It is so much easier to blame the software or the tin ... or aluminium, whatever ... box :)
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By Jacek
>You of course mean Fabrizio

Yes of course, my apologies. As one with a name like mine I should know better.
You can call me Giacintho.
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By Fabrizio Diodati
Dear Giacintho :D :D :D ,

... don't worry I'm joking!

Unfortunately one of the good friend of mine (someone who loves to define himself like the funniest architect in the world... and I don't agree because I'm the first one!) probably is right: our documentation sometime (or maybe often) isn't enough clear !
This is due to a lot of causes but I'm not here to "justify" our job but to provide you with our best help.

BTW, if anybody needs help on our add-on can directly contact me by using my e-mail address or phoning at Cigraph.

Ok, let me try to give you some suggestion.
Contour line issue: draw your contour lines by using the ArchiCAD polyline tool or a set of connected and grouped lines, arcs. You can also use the spline tool but, in this case, please pay attention to your magic wand settings because ArchiTerra will follow these settings in order to transform these entities.
Then select all the polylines/groups which represent the contour lines at the same level and click on the ArchiTerra Contour Lines tool: the dialog window appears and here you can insert their level value.
ArchiTerra will collect all the needed info from the selection and will substitute it with a set of hotspot (“special” hotspots that store the level info) and segments (special lines that represent the constraints between each couple of consecutive nodes).

If you want to change the level of a already transformed contour line:
Enable the groups from the ArchiCAD Control Box, select one of the hotspot on the contour line and click on the ArchiTerra Point tool, define the new level… that’s all.

If you want to define a road:
Define the middle line of the road by using the ArchiCAD Polyline tool or a set of grouped lines and arcs (this command doesn’t work with the spline tool!).
Select the site and only ONE polyline (I suppose this is your trouble) than click on the Road tool.
Define the Road parameters and then click on the Ok button.
ArchiTerra will insert a Road object.
Then you can define the Road level by selecting this Road object and clicking on the Road Longitudinal Profile Tool.
Once you finished, select the Road object, click on the Road tool and click on the Elaborate button.
ArchiTerra will create the Road.

I hope this will help you, if not, please don’t hesitate to contact me to my e-mail address and I will try to better answer to all your questions.


P.S. please, pay attention that all the ArchiTerra tools work only with ArchiTerra Mesh!!! If you manually create your Mesh by using ArchiCAD you cannot apply it the ArchiTerra tools.
There is a simple workaround: select your manually created Mesh and click on the ArchiTerra Terrain tool: ArchiTerra will transform this “common” Mesh on an ArchiTerra mesh…