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By Fabrizio Diodati
Dear all,

in order to let you know how this matter is evolving...

Dear Jacek,

thanks for the useful info about unit standard in the USA.
I imported your DXF file following these rules:

1. imported the DXF file using 12'' as DXF unit (filter=0)
2. selected only the layer named 11 (that contains the contour lines) by importing only the polylines points (in this case we don't need the constraint coming from this contour lines because the distance between two successive nodes is very short) 3. ArchiTerra reads the DXF files and show you how many nodes the import procedure read: in this case the conversion of your DXF file generates 44553 points (too much!!!) 4. defined a proper filter (as ArchiTerra suggests) by successive tries till I realized that a good filter should be 6 meter. 6 meter as filter could sound as a too large approximation but, once again, we are not handling a building or a architectural object but a big terrain where this length isn't so big! 5. using the 6 meter filter I reduced the 44553 points to only 7098 points (not bad!)

The time needed to do all this is about 5 minutes...

As you can see in the attached picture, the terrain looks very similar to that one you generated before but it doesn't slow down ArchiCAD before isn't heavy as before! Probably we could increase the filter again but this is a decision that only you can consider...

BTW, the number of points isn't a trouble for ArchiTerra (maybe you have to wait more time for each elaboration but, on the other hand, ArchiTerra has no limit in the size of the terrain data) but for ArchiCAD so...
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By Jacek
I would like to post a great -"Thank You"
to Fabrizio Diodati and Cigraph for taking their time and staying with me through the weekend (!) and helping me resolve the issues that I had with site creation.

As many of you have seen, this was a real tutorial provided by Fabrizio, and now I, and I'm sure, many others have learned much more about the ArchiTerra plug in.

Thank you,
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By Fabrizio Diodati
Dear Jacek,

let me say "thank you" to you!
I have learned also from you (the user point of view is always welcome for a developer!) so don't worry, also if I stayed close to you during the week end I enjoyed my "honeydew" day as usual.

I want only to take advantage from this site to suggest everyone needs help/advice on the Cigraph plug-in to directly contact me or post his question here and we will try to help you ASAP.
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By Brad Elliott
Didn't want to start a new topic since this is directly related to Architerra 2. Where is the best place to buy it from if you are in the United States? The web site has a price list but no location to actually buy it. I tried objects online and just got the trees. Any help would be appreciated.
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By Jacek
Brad Elliott wrote:I tried objects online and just got the trees. Any help would be appreciated.
You need to look under -"Boxed Goods" as an API it comes boxed with a manual. You can find it at:
On the CD you will find information about all the other API by Cigraph.
Good Luck,
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By Djordje
ALEXRVS wrote: :shock: where fairness :shock: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:
You mean Cigraph of course?

You hopefully get paid for your work. So they would like to be paid for their work in the development of the addons.

It is that simple.
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By Jacek
-Where is fairness?-

I guess the "Management" has pulled Alexy's post off the forum.
Perhaps for the better, as it might have been seen as a direct attack on the principals of fair play, not to mention -legality.

There are always 'crack's' out there and crackers who can bypass any lock, open any software. However, serious users, professionals, have been able to pay for the privilege of using someone elses 'tools' to create their own product and get payed in turn.

Oh, and Alexy, less emotions , please...