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This is proving rather frustrating.
I have the land/mesh and I have modeled the existing road at the front of the property. Then I successfully created a driveway approach with 6% grade from Edge of Traveled-Way to Property line (Local maximum) and a section with a 15% slope (the local maximum is 16%). This section had a width of 16-feet. Then I attempt to create another section of road (Driveway) that had width of 36-feet and a 10% slope leading to the front of my structure. Once modified in the Road Longitudinal Section and back at plan, the road object would not allow for the "excavation" or building of the road. (it was greyed-out).
I decided to start over with the driveway altogether. Once the Driveway was deleted, I could not get back to the original contours even after updating.
I decided to delete the land mesh and recreate the land/mesh. The contours remained after deleting the mesh???
How do you delete the roads and successfully get back to the original mesh.

BTW - are the measurements in the Road Longitudinal Section always in inches?
I have also shared your frustration. I save a few back-up copies of the mesh at various stages on other layers for this reason. Kind of scary?! You can change the units from inches in the preferences menu of Archicad, in the calculation units, I think. I dont have AC on my machine at home so I'm not shure. I know it can be done. Good luck!
Please, next time send me the file, before deleting it!
Only in this way we can understand where is the trouble...

The contour lines are a simple Library Part, if you want to delete it you can simply select it (the hotspots are on its bounding box, or you can find & select the object by its name) and then delete it.

If you want to restart from the original model:
1. select the mesh and delete it
2. select the roads and delete them (in the latest update you can avoid to delete them: select them and disable parameter "the road is processed" in the object settings dialog box. In this way you will preserve all your roads settings, also the section levels changes)
3. delete all the plateaux

Now you have in your ArchiCAD Plan only the points/hotspots and the outiline/fill.
Select the outline/fill and calculate the terrain once again.

If you need further info, please don't hesitate to contact me.