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By Paul Chebiniak
Please help, if anyone can...
I am using archicad 15, w/ mep modeller and am using the pre-made inline fan object. However, i cannot orient it vertically; only horizontally; even if i place it on a duct running vertically, it just drops in horizontally.
thanks in advance,
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By David Maudlin

I took a look at this object and there are no rotation parameters. You have a few options:
1. If you know GDL, add a rotation parameter to the 3D Script of the object.
2. Without GDL, create a new object by viewing it in the 3D Window from the desired top and use the Save 3D Model as command; in the Help files see Virtual Building > Parametric Objects > Graphic Creation of Custom Objects > Saving 3D Models as Objects.

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By Paul Chebiniak
Thanks David, I will try this trick before i leave the office tonight. Will be a huge help to my model if it works!
I will also update my profile, you may not be thrilled to see we are a PC office...

happy thanksgiving!
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By David Maudlin

I tried method 2 and it worked, but the new object is a standard ArchiCAD object, not a MEP object, so depending on your needs this may or mat not be a solution. Method 1 is possible, but due to the complexity of the MEP objects I don't know if all of the functionality is correctly retained.

Happy Thanksgiving (I am thankful I don't use PC :wink: )

By Corbesho
I think the problem with MEP objects is that the rotation has to be described with trigonometrical functions, because the connector always refers to the 0,0,0 global, no matter where is your cursor.