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I am trying the Archicad MEP recently. I see from the offical website that there is automatic wall/slab penetration features in Archicad MEP. I am wondering how to use this feature as I do not see any material guiding the user on it. I would appreciate very much if any expert can tell me about it.
You can see the steps in the video on Automated Collision Detection here:

If you download the MEP installation package from here: ... loads.html
and run it, the PDF documentation file for the MEP Modeler will be installed in your ArchiCAD>Documentation folder where it can be accessed directly, or from the ArchiCAD>Help menu.
Karl, Thanks for your prompt reply.

I have watched the video regarding collision detection, however, it does not provide means to create any wall or slab opening for the MEP services to pass through.

I have also read the MEP User Guide. There is no topic related to Automatic Wall/Slab Penetration.
Sorry. I misunderstood and thought you were trying to detect the penetration (collision).

MEP does not provide for any automatic penetrations that I know of. Where did you see this on the web site?
moming wrote:Karl,

I see it at the following link. ... /hvac.html
That is a 2001 article about an HVAC add-on.
MEP didn't come out till about 2008 (version 12) and although simmilar in some respects is a totally different add-on.
You can connect the MEP elements to the wall, slab or other element they penetrate with the SEO command which creates a hole.