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By Nicola S
I'd like to know which is the best software for structural analysis (fem) of concrete, wood and steel structures...
For "best" software I intend the software that dialogs better with Archicad 17 in terms of import-export, data exchange, speed exchange etc.

In other terms which software use your Structural Engineer when you have an integrated design?

I hope I made myself clear
By andras

I am also looking for. AxisVM looks great with very rich feature list based on full EC. Price reflects the features, anyway with IFC support.
Others are waiting for testing such as Karamba for Rhino, Scia (waiting for quote and demo), FEM-Design by Strusoft (same company as engine developer of AC Eco Design Star as far as I know) (Also CypeCAD, a Spanish software but speaks English too as well as Sofistic).
By Nicola S
Someone talked to me that also Dlubal is a very good software (, do you know something about it?... when I have a moment I will try the demo version...

Any others experiences?

By changmarin
"...CypeCAD, a Spanish software but speaks English too..."

I didn't give it too much credit at first glance, nevertheless our best integration experience has been with CypeCAD. Once you master a few tricks, a clean parametric model can be achieved from exchanged Ifc elements. Accomplish it with other Analysis software, that rely on the "Structural View" or a plugg-in as part of the workflow like SAP2000, becomes a very technical task.