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By Adalbert Albu
David Pacifico wrote:I like GoLive. It's worth taking an introduction class. The young man in my office uses DreamWeaver at home and GoLive at the office. After using both of them he wishes they were somehow combined.
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By Rick Thompson
I've been using GoLive on my site for about 8 years. I think GoLive would be advantageous for you since you also use Photoshop and Illustrator and they are designed to work together very well. You can open an image in GoLive in Photoshop to manipulate it, without fuss. I am far from a computer whiz, and I figured it out fairly easily (drag and drop)... and it was not even owned by Adobe then so lacked much of what it has today. I no longer manage my web site (it's database driven now) but the person I use does. There are many tools to adjust to different browsers etc. GoLive uses a grid system making image and text placement very easy. You can't go wrong with Dreamweaver though.
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By ~/archiben
struggling with dreamweaver at the moment but i'm slowly beginning to appreciate the power that it has. the learning curve is steep and the manual/tutorials don't cover anything i need to know but by reverse engineering the code in other websites i'm learning quite a bit more than i expected.

for what it's worth photoshop/illustrator integration is maybe not quite as smooth and all encompassing as a complete adobe suite, but i have no trouble defining primary editing apps for different file types: dreamweaver will launch photoshop/imageready for me when i want to edit those types of assets . . . etc . . .

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