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By laz89
How do I get the cadimage coverings (vertical timber) to line up over 2 floors?
Ive attached a picture
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Or maybe invert the direction of one of the walls?

I find the easiest way set the origin of both claddings to one of the story setting as opposed to the bottom cnr of the wall. The setting is on the top right of the Main Covering page on the AC 20 version. Should line up then. Think it works of the drawing xyz then
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By s2art
laz89 wrote:How do i invert the direction of the wall??
Edit > Reference line and plane > Invert wall direction.

Turn Wall and Beam Reference lines on temporarily in View > On-screen View Options if you want to see the result
Is there any way to offset Cadimage coverings horizontally? I want this cladding break to be centered above the window.

The only way I have found to do this is to set the reference origin to wall center. This, however, breaks the the vertical consistency with the adjacent wall...

Any ideas?