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By Brad Elliott
I had a good email exchange with Bluebeam and established that it is a bug in the PDFTron renderer that ArchiCAD uses to Publish the drawings. If I Print to PDF using the Apple renderer the file publishes and is read correctly by Bluebeam. So the current workaround is to Print to PDF and not Publish if the drawings are going to be read by Bluebeam. Now that our government jurisdiction is using it the local contractors have started switching to it so this is going to be an ongoing issue. I'm going to forward my email exchange on to ArchiCAD and hopefully they will fix this with PDFTron.
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By LaszloNagy
I have received word about this issue from GRAPHISOFT developers.
So the issue was that in ARCHICAD no default color was assigned to Bluebeam Space elements, so when they were sent to Bluebeam, they were displayed using Revu's default blue color (which cannot be turned off).
In the latest AC21 build (build 6000 - currently in Preview status), this was changed: Bluebeam Space elements are assigned a transparent color, so they will then be displayed in Revu using this transparent color instead of the default blue.
So, this was actually not an issue with PDFTron, although it is true that these Space elements did not get into the PDF files created using the "Print to PDF" command.