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By David Bearss
Tried installing accessories. Wanting to use the wall accessories and I get the Missing Wall Accessory Objects. Tried reinstalling but no solution. Any suggestions?
Usually after the installation, the folder "Accessories Library xx" ends up in the wrong place.

Go to your ArchiCad folder (C:\Program Files\GRAPHISOFT\ARCHICAD xx\) and see if there's a folder called "Accessories Library xx" (the "xx" is your ArchiCad version number). If so, just move or copy that "Accessories Library xx" folder into "ARCHICAD Library xx" folder.

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By Dave Jochum
Resurrecting an old problem...ACCESSORY LIBRARY 23 shows as MISSING in Library Manager, despite the fact that it does reside in the LIBRARY 23 folder. I've reinstalled it more than once and reloaded from within Library Manager many times. It refuses to be found. Ideas?
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By Dave Jochum
In case anyone else is having this problem--
I moved the Accessories Library folder back to its default location APPLICATIONS/GRAPHISOFT/ARCHICAD 23/
After re-loading from Library manager (which I had done several time previously) it miraculously now works. :? Don't ask me why.