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By WinterRiver
Good afternoon
Are there any current Vertex Users on board here. I am brand new to this software, forum and community. I have been using Revit since 2009 and am trying not to compare vertex to another software but man am I not liking it.

It seems very overbearing as an Architectural design tool.
The customization seems to be mostly writing code. That is frustrating.
I do like the options platform but not how long the upfront design takes to complete.
I would have thought by 2017 the rendering engine would have been on par with industry standards.
Anyways appreciate any feed back on this software. Nice to be here.
By WinterRiver
has anyone used this application in vertex. My apologies if I am posting Vertex questions in the wrong thread.
I am looking to have Vertex become a multi users tool and this appears to do the trick. However understanding the terminology the use is really hard. Klingon on in a Star Wars world. Ok terrible reference but you get my meaning.

Townhouse Application

A flat is a project whose drawing-model pair can be referred to from an active project. The drawing-model pair of a flat project can be added to the active project as a reference drawing-model pair. You cannot edit the flat project in the project to which you added it, but you need to open it for editing using a separate function. For example, flats can be used for planning terraced houses or blocks of flats by using a separate project for each flat in a terraced house or each floor in a block of flats.
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By Barry Kelly
I have merged your two topics about Vertex.

If you want to discuss how Vertex interacts with Archicad then this is fine.
If you just want to discuss Vertex then I suggest you visit a Vertex forum for answers there as this is an Archicad forum.