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By Kooshas

We have been commissioned to develop "the most innovative and smart layout for an apartment". We are considering having moving parts in different areas (moving walls, kitchen bench turning into dinning table etc).

The outcome would be 2D drawings as well as 3D renders, 3D printing and possibly an animation.

I know Archicad is great for modeling but when it comes to costume made objects, it could be a bit stiff. We are considering sketch up or Revit and are open to other suggestions...

Which software would you guys recommend?

Thanks so much

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By arqrivas
I would also recommend Rhinoceros, for these reasons:

1- Great Modelling Core (NURBS)
2- Can model with High precision and ease.
3- Best compatibility with Archicad.

But, then there is the economic issue, if you are going to spend money make it in Rhinoceros, if not, then use Sketchup or use any other software you have in hand.

PD: There are some free 3d CAD modeling software out there but I don't know how good they are for what you need or how compatible with Archicad they might be.
By Kooshas
Thank you arqrivas and TAI for your suggestions.

I will take your advice and start with Sketch up and Rhino. Will keep you updated on how it goes!

Cheers :)