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By Greg Dobrzelewski
Hi AC-talk,
I am working on a Shipping Container house. Is there anyone out there that has designed one of these? I am looking to get advice on the best way to make one. I do know about BimBakery’s shipping container object. Are there any others? Is there anyone who has created objects for a shipping container? Parts and pieces? Easy to insert exterior doors and windows? I am interested in learning further about your process. Can you share you expertise?

Respectfully- Greg
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By Erwin Edel
Objects will be static, so no option to add doors/windows.

A quick google search shows you can at the very least find some detailed image files of drawings will all dimensions you need to draw your own container.

I'd probably draw the stud walls for insulation with composite, add some exterior air layer to add the windows to (with a thickness that works for how far I want the windows to extend beyond the container).

The container wall itself I would extrude with a shell, probably. Easy to add openings to (create hole).

Roof will need some insulation too, or it could be a green roof. Easy enough to do with roof or slab tool.
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By Barry Kelly
Masterscript had a good sea container object many years ago.
It used to be in the old Archicad Depository but it seems that site is no more.
I also checked but did not see it there.

You couldn't add windows/doors but you could turn off the panels and roof and it was resizable (standard and custom sizes).
Maybe try contacting Masterscript to see if Jeroen still has it?