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I am using the MEP modeler plug in for archicad 18. I can use the MEP Routing tool fine, but after finishing one section of pipes, if I try to create a new route that connects up to the finished one, I can never join them properly. It says "Cannot insert selected fitting into segment!" When routing, it will snap to the centerline of the old pipe, like its trying to connect. It then gives me the option to choose what type of junction I want to insert, Sanitary Tee, Take-off, or combination Wye, but all three options give the same error. Do I need to load in more junctions into the library? I watched the tutorial for this and they didn't have this problem when joining two routes. I haven't seen anything about this error online, soI'm making this post.
routing error2.PNG
routing error3.PNG
routing error4.PNG
I figured it out. First, the Connector Diameter under Routing Options should be a number in between, but not equal to the pipe diameter or zero. I used a 50 mm pipe diameter and just entered in 33 mm for the connector diameter and it worked for simple piping. This seemed to be true for both flanged and welded.
routing solution1.PNG
Second, depending on how complex the piping, I could get the same error, but for different reasons. Graphisoft does not have specific enough error messages in my opinion. If you are trying to connect a pipe to a route that turns several times, you may be trying to connect too close to a turn, where the pipe segment is too short to be able to connect to a 2nd thing so soon. It needs to start a new segment by hovering over the end of the pipe until the check mark appears, and then click once . Once I added a longer segment after the short segment, I was able to connect a route to the new, longer segment. The error message "Cannot insert selected fitting into segment!" is true, but doesn't explain what is actually happening in this specific case. It should say, "the selected fitting cannot be inserted into the segment because it is too short." The sanitary Tee needs room to turn slowly, so the segment you are connecting to must be large enough. Also, in general, just drawing a route that turns too often, sometimes you get sorta "stuck" where you can't make a full 90 degree turn because you just turned to recently or something. I understand this is more realistic, but there should be a way to do more free piping routes if needed.
routing solution2.PNG
routing solution3.PNG