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In the past couple years we've been modeling storefronts using the Cadimage Window tool. I'm really satisfied with it, works well even with schedules. One thing though that I couldn't figure out: how to list the door leaf(s) sizes in the schedule. The storefront might be 5 m wide, while the door itself is only 90cm. Using Archicad's new Properties function (paired with Classifications) I can list all kinds of custom properties for the storefront in general AND the door inside, but its that door size that I can't figure out. I see that there is a parameter called doorLeafWidth in the Cadimage window object, but it is grayed out and its impossible to add as a field to the schedule. Any solutions?
The doorLeafWidth parameter holds an array of values, that list the individual door leaf sizes for all the door leaves in the window. Unfortunately schedules can't list array parameters.
However Cadimage could probably add a separate single-valued text parameter, that could list the door sizes as a text string (e.g. "90cm, 100cm"). This could then be scheduled directly.
Would that be an acceptable solution for you?