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Presently I am using Cadimage Keynotes to help create uniformity of building element descriptions throughout documentation.

I wonder however, if it is possible to join together two or more specific Keynotes - for instance 'Cedar Bevelback Weatherboards' or '20x45 H3.2 Timber Cavity Battens' into one Keynote which features an added grammatical conjunction to form one fluid description of the entire detail e.g. Cedar Bevelback Weatherboards ON 20x45 H3.2 Timber Cavity Battens, thereby allowing me to describe both the individual components as I require and the whole construction for more broad view drawings.

I notice in the Cadimage Configuration dialogue, there is a 'Content' field which allows me to add words to the beginning of the label, but nothing for adding words within the body of the Keynote or between Keynotes... Any workarounds?