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By wsc
I am an IT support guy and don't use the software, but when the users have issues, I try to figure them out.

I have a 3 page document created using Archicad and in PDF format. If we print as is to the wide format, it fails.

Reading some troubleshooting pages I tried to print a page at a time and could print page 2 and 3.

So something is wrong with page 1, how do I go about explaining this issue and how to correct it? Its a lot of info on page 1 and recreating it is not an option. When I asked the user about it, she mentioned something about using someone elses drawings to make hers but how the program works is over my head and I don't know what to tell her.

Should we be escalating this and call our Archicad support rep? Seems more like a user error then a program error

Can anyone point me in the right direction? What needs to be looked at in Archicad? Or can someone finish this: It is most likely _______ so check out __________


By Bricklyne Clarence
It's hard to tell you what the problem could be and how to solve it if we barely know what led to it or any of the details of it.

Might I suggest that you'll probably stand a better chance of getting some useful input if you have the ArchiCAD user herself describe what she was doing with as much detail as possible along with her system specs.

But just going off of what you've said, it sounds to me like she imported some external file format or something (like a DWG or a PDF) which is either too heavy with information or otherwise clogging the system causing ArchiCAD or the PDF printer/distiller to throw out the print rather than print it.

Again, hard to tell without knowing exactly what she did and how.
"using someone else's drawings to make hers" could mean almost anything in the context of ArchiCAD, and a lot of times people get errors like this it's usually because the program or printer format doesn't like how the information was organized in the file.
Can she print out of a regular printer?