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hey all i have spent a few hours trying to get the goodies accessories menus to appear but i still cant get access to them in archicad 22

i have tried uninstalling them and reinstalling goodies.

when i go to design - design extras - trusmaker is the only one to appear.

They are installed in the add on manager but they just dont appear

i can add them as objects but I can't do much else

i have tried to add them to my toolbar menu and it shows its there but its not.
missing menu items.png

You can try adding the missing commands with the Work Environment. Go to Work Environment > Command Layout Schemes > Menus, change the List to All Commands by Theme, look at 17 Add-Ons, the commands for the add-ons are here, you can then add them to your Work Environment.

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torchit1 wrote:
Fri Feb 15, 2019 6:46 am
They are installed in the add on manager but they just dont appear

We had the same issue in 21, possibly our solution might help you

The accessories.apx files for goodies was installed in c:\Program Files\Graphisoft\ARCHICAD 21\Add-Ons\Goodies however we were unable to see in design menu, nor were we able to add it to menus using the work environment.

We did manage to fix the problem by using the add-on manager, pressing add and navigating to the apx file and adding it manually. after a restart the accessories showed up.

I'm not sure whether there is some issue now that APX's are not added automatically, or perhaps it doesn't scan sub-folder. Hope this helps you.