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By Moonlight
@jl_lt Thank you

For the rest, some of my previous comments have been updated.

21. Although this option may or may not cause controversy, I see this one as required.
For those who would install the MEP modeler, I would like to see a substory or sub-level that in the Project organiser just for MEP elements, where MEP objects trajectory axe many dock to them by the will of the user.
The reason for that, is that many MEP elements (especially: ducts and tubes) would always be flow or stay at the same height for most of its trajectory, unless those trajectory must evade an impediment.
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By Moonlight
22. Revise ArchiCAD's MEP libraries:
for example:
a. The dryer should have and exhaust connection.
b. Kitchen hoods lacks parameters for electric connection
c. Laboratory Workstation also lacks parameters for electric connections
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By Moonlight
That is quiet interesting @boumidage.

Anyway, this can also be archived in GDL, by a special command, and scripting a hidden geometry that using SEO will apply the desired opening.
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By Moonlight
23. ArchiCAD's MEP library parts must undergo a revision .... for example, many library parts may shared with multiple systems, such as electric and HVAC, or electric, control and HVAC

24. I have just stumbled on the case of creating a library part for a fire curtain barrier with electric input and controls system, but to use the MEP plugin for cabling tubing the library part must be of Flow Equipment classification, and since the IFC (2x3 TC1 and 4.1) classification, Flow Equipment in general are only used for carrying fluids (liquids and gas), this will not be the correct library object type
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By Moonlight
25. The macro file with the name of "FM_Types", needs an urgent update.
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By Moonlight
26. About the previous points about the parameters that should deal with MEP data, I would also like to add the following, I would like that Graphisoft would add the possibility to add custom made parameters for those MEP data snippets that are custom made and adopted by different regions, and it would have the same characteristics of Global parameters, in such a way that they can also be added to GDL library Parts for ArchiCAD to consult and handle ... and this will also require that Graphisoft would establish the methodology for creating such parameters.
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By Moonlight
27. ArchiCAD MEP Equipments are limited to a max of 18 MEP connections, but lately I have seen few cases where 18 connection per equipment for creating MEP Library Parts were not enough, I think that it's time to increase the number of connections.

28. MEP Library Parts must be defined as flow equipment so that the MEP plugin would functioning properly with the MEP connections, but that condition must be open up to other subtypes, for instance, I have lately been facing a smoke and fire screen with MEP connections, were there correct IFC definition would be that of IFCDoor, so it was expected that their GDL subtype would be of Door, but to make the MEP connection function, I had to choose the MEP Flow Equipment.
By A. Smith
MEP pipes.

I don't understand why MEP settings contain Standard Bend Angles, but in fact, uses any angle to make a routing the shortest. Feels like they are useless - on matter what you set, nothing changes. Or am I missing smth? Manufacturers don't provide elbows with 37.89° or any other unusual, especially for sewer. I wish MEP had the option for elbows (also Tees) to
1. Use standard angles bends only.
2. Any angle.
3. Combine (if possible) - kinda standard angles are preferred, but to prevent a path from becoming too twisted, use standard/or_not+ 1 non-standard angle (smth like an exception for simplicity of a path).

Also would be useful to add the possibility to rotate equipment, pipe's elements in any direction (x,y,z).

I also agree with everything @Braza said before. Ofc we'd love to get all library Valerij has created :D . But as far as I know, he has lots of similar elements (pipes, valves) - the only difference is the manufacturer (M). Frankly speaking, a few mm won't change much. So we could use for instance one M. It'd be much better if you manage to M become interested in that their products should be presented in AC MEP, so they would sponsor this development.

About calculation/analysis - a nice feature, but require too many efforts to make it from the start (pressure loss and etc. for pipes; ducts is doable - at least to calculate dimensions and pressure loss, based on info from air terminals).
I use the polish program Audytor for calculations heat loads and pipes. They've made a plugin for exporting all of the objects after calculations to Revit ( If audytor made the same plugin for AC (or vice versa), it'd be enough (I'm talking right now not about that specific program, but any other that you'd find appropriate for this goal, it's just easier to explain the idea).

edit 27.10.2020:
MEP pipes - when I have built 2 different pipes with the same path, but need to change diameter for one - it's not convenient:
___a) the whole rout is selected->settings of pipe->change Ø --> changes ONLY Ø pipes; elbows, tees remain with the same Ø. We'd be nice to change Ø of all selected elements;
___b) why only at the window of automatic routing is possible to choose Ø from the pop-down menu. When the pipes have been built and you go to settings to change the Ø, there is no pop-down menu. I need manually to change Ø, nominal Ø and thickness. That all should be chosen from standard pipes Ø;
___c) sometimes I need an additional hotspot for elbow -> not to rotate it, but change the angle of the elbow;
___d) I use an interactive schedule to sum total length. It works fine. The problem appears when I want to do the same with heating floor pipes - the schedule doesn't count the length of "elbowed pipe". In AC elbows are other elements than pipes, but in real life, it is simply one piece of pipe, just twisted. Is it possible to add some kind of checkmark in the settings of the system - do I want that length of elbows was added to the total length of pipes?
___e) another thing with the length sum of pipes in a schedule - actually it's a rare situation that I need each piece/segment of pipe. Usually, all I need is a total length of pipe for different Ø. I can't add this schedule as a table - tooo long

p.s. the interface isn't in English (attachments), but settings buttons/options should be at the same place
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