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I'm not quite sure what you mean sorry - so far as I can tell, your project is loading Old libraries in the library manager - i.e. you are using Archicad 24, but loading the Archicad 22 library.

All you need to do to fix it is to change your library manager to load the Archicad 24 library instead.

The Tools aren't doing anything wrong that I can see, you just need to load the right ones for your Archicad version.
I haven't used Cadimage for over 15 years, so I may be wrong, but if the tool is still API based this would explain the lack of compatibility between versions, though there should still be a seamless transition from one version to the next. However, Favorites are version dependent, though i'm pretty sure I can read AC23 Favorites in AC24, but not AC22 in AC23 or AC24.
Cadimage were acquired by Central Innovation who aren't GDL or API developers. So it would be worthwhile asking them what their development plans are considering you haven't seen any changes for a couple years.
That's exactly right, yeah - the tools libraries and add-ons themselves are version-specific, but to open projects in newer versions, they migrate without you needing to do anything.

WRT new features - there actually have been a quite lot recently. Since the initial v24 release came out we've released 3 updates, each containing a handful of new feature additions, and we also recently built a powerful Preset engine into the tool which allows you to build full catalogs of joinery elements, setup snappable sizing tables, and automatically generate type codes on the fly.