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By Kristian Bursell
Nice work!
I am glad there is finally another cladding tool available as I have been wanting to build one myself but haven't found the time.
Apparently there are some issue with how my Infinite Openings object reacts with a cladding tool from another provider, though it works fine with the built in Archicad Wall Accessories. So I have been wanting to test this but don't have a license for the other providers tool. Now at least I can test it with your cladding object to find the fault.
Did you have to do anything special to get it to cut non rectangular openings like the one in the video? From memory the wall accessory function picks up the opening shape automatically as it does with the wall shape.
I will download and have a play soon.
By SenecaDesignLLC
I already can tell you mine will not initially work but that's only relevant as I have not specified custom shapes or base window shapes. Only top shapes. It will work but the trim will not at least I think that's what will happen currently. Probably won't focus on custom shapes until I get a few other parts done.
But if your top shape is a basic shape or an arch with matching legs it should technically work.
By SenecaDesignLLC
I want to say that there are some fundamental rules with how these work relative to beams, walls and slabs, and how they interact with building materials.

if a beam or slab intersect the wall with the covering, and those elements share the same layer priority, basically if they can join, you will have random errors and holes in the covering

These have been developed for my personal use and are coded for that. most of what i do is residential so it should pan over fairly easy to anyone doing the same work. basically you may have to alter your template or drafting methods to get these items to properly function. This is all things currently out of my control.

also the rule of 2.
you can only have two accessories per wall. after that the the first one place unlinks and so on for each accessory you attach. this is also currently out of my control.

Im sure there are some other items that will come up.
Aaron Bourgoin wrote: Fri Jan 22, 2021 10:02 pm James. unquestionably fine work. Thank you.
Thank you sir.
I plan to release free versions of everything so that everyone can break free from monthly payments.

Also feel free to make requests.
Next is my parametric shower
Then roof coverings