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By DGSketcher
This just landed in my mail box and caught my attention as it apparently works with Archicad models on Mac & Windows. Not tried it yet but looks like a handy tool to have in the armoury. Thought I would post it here for those with a bit of time to fill over the next couple of weeks. ... visualizer

These are the kinds of initiatives GS should have their name on.
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By Emre Senoglu
The Velux Visualiser has been out for a long while now, I vaguely remember it from at least 5-6 years ago, so by no means it's new. Unfortunately, my experience with it hasn't been too great - it's really clunky and difficult to use, coming from a fully featured multi-viewport experience found in Archicad / 3ds Max / Rhino. The features it offers are great (or let's maybe say, the feature) but the UI made it excruciatingly difficult to use. Nowadays, you can get amazingly realistic (eg unbiased) with render engines like corona, vray and even cycles. As for the light measurement (light factor levels) feature, Vray offers this functionality.

That being said how I wish Archicad had such a feature - it has all the data built in to generate a light study. It doesn't even need to be the absolute precise calculation either - just a simple diagram would be amazing to have. Same could be said for shadow studies - I wish Archicad had a proper sun/shadow study diagram feature built in.