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By KineticDS
I'm trying to create a standing seam single fold to wall and roof cladding with seemless junction as per attached. I'm using Cadimage coverings. I've modified board and batten for cladding and modified ribbed for roof. Everytime I try and remove barge, fascia and gutters the roof dissapears, likewise when I try to move the central plan node to align the ribs. what is the best way to create this look?

AC24 built 3022 NZE
Ci Coverings v4.17
Win 10 pro
HP Zbook Fury G7 16GB
Nvidia Quadro T1000
Screenshot 2020-12-30 133131.jpg
Screenshot 2020-12-30 133131.jpg (6.34 KiB) Viewed 303 times
Screenshot 2020-12-30 141942.jpg
Screenshot 2020-12-30 141942.jpg (25.23 KiB) Viewed 303 times
You might get a reply here (sorry I can't help you), but you will probably be better off contacting Central Innovation directly for them to work through the problem with you as it is their tool.


Yeah - what you're describing there sounds like it should pretty much do the trick. I've tried constructing something similar and didn't have any trouble.

Removing the barges and whatnot didn't do anything it shouldn't have for me at least, but if we could have a look at your specific project, there might be something in there which our covering is having trouble dealing with.

Could you log a Support ticket with us so we can investigate further, and get an example project from you to work with?

You can make one via MyCi or by emailling
ss1.png (458.05 KiB) Viewed 208 times
Hi Josh,

Thanks for having a look. I also managed to get it to work but it was very temperamental. In order for the ribs to appear joined rather than stepped in side elevation or 3D (it was a bit hard to tell from the photo) I ended up making the roof very thin and extending it out to 1mm past the edge of the cladding ribs. not perfect but it will be fine as long as I don't want to do a close up render. There is possibly a bug in that the roof battens viewed in plan don't always align with the model. makes it a bit harder to get cladding and roof profiles to align.

I won't log a ticket as I'm sure CI have more important queries.

but here are a couple of wishlist items for CI Coverings for hopefully the near future versions.

Wishlist #1 - for CI claddings and walls when same profile and flush join selected (i.e no barge) for them to automatically join and mitre like a vertical cladding corner.

Wishlist #1 - It would be great if CI wall and roof claddings could have a folded metal profile rather than modifying board and batten - have a look at the single lock, flatlock and batten seam are probably the most useful and currently most difficult to to achieve.
Thanks Tom
folded metal roofing profiles.jpg
folded metal roofing profiles.jpg (40.98 KiB) Viewed 196 times
Thanks for that.

I will add the request about the folded metal profiles so we can work on that in a future update.

The other request about the automatic joining is a bit trickier though - unfortunately, there isn't any interaction between the elements. The wall and the wall cladding essentially don't 'know' that the roof and roof cladding exist, so we can't automate the join.

I will look into some ways we can make joining them manually a bit easier though - it generally gets it right simply because the wall and roof have origins in the same spot, vertically at least, but as soon as your roof isn't lined up exactly with the wall end, it becomes tricky, as you've found.

I think we should be able to put in some sort of hotspots perhaps or something like that to make it nice and easy to line things up though.

Anyway - thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!
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I second the request for metal sheet roof & wall cladding (European user here): I was hoping to be able to use CI tool for two of our current projects that will use zinc standing seam roofing.