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By Brad O'Donnell
Ah, I looked in the other products-architerra index and found nothing stating that others had a problem loading architerra 2.0 with 8.1. neither of my cigraph api's will work, archisketchy and architeraa both give errors when i try to load.

any one else with this problem?

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By Fabrizio Diodati
Dear Brad,

unfortunately there is no compatibility between ArchiCAD 8.1 and the add-ons for the previous 8.0 version.
Very soon we will release the new updates for ArchiCAD 8.1 (free of charge).
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By Pete
Fabrizio Diodati wrote: ...Very soon we will release the new updates for ArchiCAD 8.1 (free of charge).
How soon is "very soon"? and how will we be notified?

I need to use ArchiTerra2 but I really don't want to reinstall AC8.0.

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By Fabrizio Diodati
Dear Pete,

as you probably know, there are two way to get our update:

1. downloading them from our web site

2. get the CD-Rom update from your local reseller/Distributor

I really hope I will be able to upload these updates on our web server before Christmas (I suppose this can be considered "very soon"...).
For the CD-Roms it's just a bit different because, you know, it's Christmas time and the International and local shipment won't be fast as usual.

Hoping this will help you,

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By Matthew Lohden
Please let us know when the updates are ready. I hate having to run AC8.0 to use ArchiTerra.

TIA, and thanks for a really good product.